Studycat Chosen as All Digital School Editors’ Pick

Studycat - All Digital School Editors' Pick

With the changes in how we are approaching education through the age of COVID-19, it is increasingly important for parents, teachers, and education companies to come together in cooperation while navigating a completely new landscape.

This week we have the honour of receiving the Editor’s Choice from All Digital School for our language learning apps.

About All Digital School

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All Digital School (ADS) have taken on a major role through these uncertain times by tirelessly collecting educational resources for parents and educators alike to access in a single library. The team at ADS provides app and website reviews for those feeling the challenges of online learning. In addition to helpful reviews, they also write articles and guides in order to provide reliable resources in this digital age.

The goal of All Digital School is to help educators, parents, and students find the best materials, resources and websites through the pandemic and beyond, while enhancing the learning experience for everyone involved.

Each week, the ADS team reviews and generates a list of apps and websites in the field of education that are the most helpful to parents, teachers, and students.

Studycat’s language learning apps were selected in the categories of Early Childhood, English, ESL, Foreign Language, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish categories respectively.

About Studycat

At Studycat, we believe that learning is best achieved when it is effortless. With a team of educators, developers, and parents, our programs are designed to be naturally engaging and enriching for students. We strive to provide the highest quality language learning solutions for young learners, parents, and educators.

Learning should be accessible to all and the resources to support the next generation in learning, when conventional methods are not always available, ought to be easy for parents and educators to find and use. Our goal, much like that of All Digital School, is to provide quality educational solutions for students, parents, and teachers in the most accessible manner.

Studycat - All Digital School Editors' Pick


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