Fun English for Schools

Fun English for Schools

Fun English for Schools Overview

Use the Fun English for Schools curriculum and tools in your nursery, preschool or kindergarten to kick-start your students English skills.

  • Comprehensive 3 year curriculum
  • Monitor students progress
  • Set homework assignments tailored to your students
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The Fun English for Schools app is a supplementary learning tool for educational establishments that use the Fun English curriculum.

It is an organized course of flashcards, games and quizzes divided into daily lessons for very young learners which works as a student’s home supplement and a classroom tool for teachers. It goes hand-in-hand with a three-year Fun English Junior nursery, preschool, and kindergarten curriculum.

Who is Fun English for Schools for?

The app is a supplementary learning tool for educational establishments that use the Fun English for Schools curriculum.

Benefits of Fun English for Schools

  • Learn more than 566 important English words, 300 sentences, 48 original songs, 26 letters and 24 phonic blends.
  • Get three to four lessons a week throughout Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten.
  • Gain listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling and singing skills.
  • Attain a level of English proficiency equal to a Cambridge Pre A1 Starters preparation.

The Fun English for Schools course is designed for learners in the three years before elementary school. It begins with a Nursery course for 3-4 year olds that focuses on picture vocabulary, letter recognition and songs.

It is delivered three times a week in five to ten minute home lessons. The second level is for Preschoolers aged 4-5. It adds phonics, sight words and dialogues to the picture vocabulary and songs. The third level is for Kindergarten students aged 5-6. In this level, learners gain twice again the amount of content as in the first two levels, bringing them up to par with the Cambridge Pre A1 Starters benchmark for English proficiency.

The Fun English for Schools curriculum includes the Fun English Junior app for school and home use. It also includes color Student Books, Activity Books, Teaching Guides and printed flashcards for the classroom.

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App Features

Our themed lessons are full of fun-packed games that will teach your kids core English vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

English Learning Games
Game-based language learning for kids!

Educational Expertise
Created by language learning experts!

Secure Environment
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What parents and teachers say about Fun English for Schools

Since we adopted Fun English for Schools we have seen a marked improvement in our students’ English. They are always eager to play the games in class. Children are more confident in speaking English both at school and at home. They really love the songs. I highly recommend this course.
Mrs Leo, Principal Ping Ge School Group, Xian