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Colours Lesson | Memory – Listen and Match

Here are some fun games to use if you have a colors lesson! If you find your child or students are having trouble remembering the colors, or just want to practice, then you’ve come to the right place.

‘Memory’ is the name of the first game, as it’s a simple pair matching game with a twist. Cards fall into the scene and you can click on one to reveal it’s color.

The purpose is to find two cards of the same color. When you find all the pairs the stage is over and you can move to the next stage where more cards fall and you can uncover more pairs.

Playing this game will allow kids (or adults) to hear the names of the colors over and over. That is why it is an introductory activity. Repetition is a great way to introduce vocabulary. The idea is that people will enjoy playing this game and learn while they are playing.

There is a twist to Memory game that many other memory games don’t have. If you select two cards that don’t match, they are thrown into the air and re-positioned. This makes it more of a challenge to remember where the cards are. Some adults find this tough but most kids who play like the challenge and unpredictability this adds.

This game definitely adds a twist to the usual boring colors lesson activities – hope you enjoy it!


Memory is a timed game. Try to finish each level as quickly as possible.

  • Game Purpose: Match color pairs against the clock.
  • Educational Purpose: Learn the colors by repetitive play.
  • Hint: Hit the cards on the bottom first, they don’t fly so high if you don’t get a pair.

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