Colors Palette Game

Colours Lesson | Colours Palette Game – Mix Colours

Now that you have learned the colors it is time to try your hand at painting with the Colors Palette Game.

Palette will test your ability to recognize the colors in English and your ability to mix colors to make another color.

An object will fall into the screen. You will hear “Paint it (a color)”. This will help players to be able to recognize the colors they have learned in a simple English sentence. Click on the color on the palette on the right that you want and your paint brush will change to this color. Then rub the item and it will become that color. When you have painted the item the correct color it will disappear and a new item will arrive.

The first few will be the colors you can see on the palette on the right. Then you will hear colors that are not there like pink, purple, or brown. For pink, paint it a little red then add a little white. Bingo. Pink!

This game will ask children to paint things colors that are not normally associated with them. Paint the banana purple! There are two reasons for this. This really tests the child’s listening ability. It also adds a hint of absurdity that kids seem to love (some adults too).


Colors palette is a timed game. Paint all the items the correct color as swiftly as you can.

  • Game Purpose: Mix the colors to paint the items.
  • Educational Purpose: Learn to recognize the colors in a simple English sentence.
  • Hint: Mix different colors to get new colors. Just keep adding all the colors till you get close.














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