Actions – Colouring 4

Destrezas: Escritura Lectura

Temas: Verbos de acciones

Simple English Action Verbs | Printable PDF

These English action verb printable worksheets are a great resource for helping ESL, ELL, or young learners! Studycat’s friends are doing different activities. Help them by tracing the action word for each picture.

After tracing, colour the picture using colored pencils, crayons, or markers.
Practice spelling and saying the words hit, kick, throw, jog, yell, drink, and read with a friend.

What language learning skills are being developed?

Creating a good language foundation is important for early learners. Through these activities, students:

  • Build on and reinforce letter-recognition
  • Practice reading and writing skills
  • Expand  vocabulary

After finishing the activities, try reading the words out loud with your student! For more advanced learners or challenges:

  • Have your student create sentences in English using the words
  • Incorporate the words into conversation

What are action verbs?

Actions verbs tell us what someone or something is doing. There are many different kinds of action words. What are some other action words that you can think of?

Easily download and print for use at home, in the classroom, or on the go. Click the link to get started today!

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