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Letter ‘Jj’ Colouring Worksheets | Printable PDF

These printable English worksheets introduce students to the consonant letter ‘Jj.’ Colour each picture with crayons, coloured pencils and markers.

After colouring the pictures, see if you can find the letter ‘Jj’ in each word. Practice tracing each letter with your finger. Then see if you can say the word!

What English language learning skills are being taught?

ESL, ELL, and early learners are introduced to the alphabet in a fun way. These four worksheets help students build the foundation for language learning through:

  • Phonics – Letter Sounds
  • Development of pre-reading skills
  • Letter recognition

These colouring pages are great for beginners just starting out! Students learn new vocabulary that includes the target letter and helps expand existing vocabularies.

See if you can use these vocabulary words in a sentence or in conversation throughout your day for a fun challenge!

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