Whose is it?

Destrezas: Conversación Interpretación Lectura Singing

Temas: Animales Colores Mochila Números Ropa

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Whose pen is this?
Is it your pen?
No, it’s not.
My pen is red.

Whose shoes are these?
Are these her shoes?
No, they’re not.
Her shoes are blue.

Whose cat is this?
Is this his cat?
No, it’s not.
His cat is black.

Whose mice are these?
Are these our mice?
No, they’re not.
Our mice are white.

They have green socks.
Their socks are green.
Yes, they are.
One, two, three.

They have brown socks.
Their socks are brown.
Yes, they are.
Now, sit down.