Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Fun English

Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Fun English

Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Fun English

Available on September 11th, 2020

Ready, set, write!

Come on in, and let your kids learn to write the letters of the English alphabet. We designed each of these games so that kids as young as 3 will have a blast. And they fit right into the flow of each themed course in Fun English!

Learn to write the letters of the English alphabet

These new writing games do what all good teachers do — they make it fun for kids to do things on their own as soon as possible. First, the game shows them how to write a letter. Then, it lets them write, but only on the correct path, and in the right direction. Then, they try to draw it all by themselves!

Learn to write and draw!

We also know how much kids love to draw and create. That’s why each of our writing games also gives kids an opportunity to draw things that start with the letter they are learning! And they always draw each picture in a different way — so no matter what they are drawing, it’s always a mystery what it will become. Is it an apple or a planet? Hard to know until you’re completely done. There are 52 new drawings to complete!

Fun English alphabet drawings

Ooh la la! Our writing games have a new voice — a kid’s voice! This is a part of a new push to bring kids’ voices into our app — we find that everything is so much more fun when kids are leading the way. So get ready to hear some giggly new voices.

We can’t wait for your child to discover that writing in Fun English app is only the beginning. These games will show them how to practice their writing even when they’re not working with the app — so the fun never has to end!

Studycat’s language learning apps for kids now get frequent, regular content updates. Fun English is our flagship language app, so it is first in line for updates and new material. We have lots more in store for our Fun English users for the new school year, whether you’re at home or in a classroom. Let’s get learning!


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