Turn Your Living Room into a Fun Classroom with Fun English on Apple TV

HONG KONG, December 13, 2016 — Fun English, a multi-faceted language-learning app from the specialist educational developers at Studycat, is now available on Apple TV.

First released in 2011, Fun English is used by more than 5 million kids across the world to learn English. Now with the release on Apple TV, it’s possible to turn your living room into a fun classroom.

Designed for beginning language learners, Fun English on Apple TV enables kids to learn hundreds of words and phrases across 12 subjects in 24 games. Activities teach listening, reading, speaking and spelling skills. Games can be played alone or connect other iOS or Android devices to play together in groups. It’s free to download and is available from the App Store for Apple TV today.

“We’re so excited by the release of Fun English on Apple TV. Whether you own an Apple or Android device, your kids can now play and learn together in groups,” says Studycat CEO Mateo Solares.

“It’s even possible to share our premium content with your friends. Simply invite users on other devices to join a game and they get access to it, even if they’ve not purchased any additional content. So no kids get left out of the fun!” he adds.

About Studycat

Since 2011, Studycat has been creating apps designed to provide beginning language-learners with a variety of inspiring games that teach and reinforce foreign language skills. Users have fun testing their dexterity while learning the building blocks of a language. As of December 2016, Studycat’s apps are used by over 6 million kids worldwide to learn Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish

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