New themes - Feelings & All Day

Fun English now teaches feelings, places and daily routines!

New themes - Feelings & All Day

Feelings, places, times of day and daily actions are the next new, useful themes to learn and practice in Fun English. There are also four more groovy songs! Two of the tunes, “I Like to Walk” and “Wake Up”, are both instant Fun English classics. 

Studycat’s language learning apps for kids now get frequent, regular content updates. Fun English is our flagship language app, so it is first in line for updates and new material. We have lots more in store for our Fun English users over the summer and school season! 

‘Feelings’ is the first new theme

It covers the emotions: happy, sad, angry, bored, scared and excited. The Feelings theme also teaches places and locations like the park, the school, a restaurant, a shop and the street. Included are the bass and banjo song “You Look Sad” and the roadhouse rock song “I Like to Walk (Down the Street)”

‘All Day’ covers daily routines and times of day

Kids will learn their whole day in English, like wake up, go to school, come home and go to sleep. ‘All Day’ also teaches the times of day: morning, afternoon, evening, night, breakfast, lunch and supper.  Kids will learn the new vocabulary easily through the lyrics harmonized over guitar in the song “Wake Up”.


Get learning, Studycats! By the time you’re proficient at feelings, places, times and daily routines in Fun English, we will have more for you!

Have fun learning!

Teacher Jason