How to Help Your Child Learn Vocabulary

It is essential that your child have frequent exposure to the vocabulary they are learning outside the classroom.

Use the vocabulary illustrations or stickers your child’s Fun English Jr. class book to review their vocabulary with them.  This, however, can become boring and un-engaging. Any experienced English teacher will tell you that learners have to be mentally engaged to maximize their learning.

Craft opportunities to help your child learn vocabulary

Find opportunities to review vocabulary your child has been learning by encouraging them to name things in their daily lives.  Of course this is easier with some sets of vocabulary than it is with others. For example, when it comes to learning colors, we are constantly surrounded by colors, so it is very easy to ask a child what colors various objects are. 

Use our app to fill the gaps in learning vocabulary

However, it may be more difficult, for example, to find opportunities to name animals. Keep in mind the options of using television shows, children’s books, television programs, the Fun English Jr. songs, and online websites as opportunities to hear or see and name animals.

Keeping mental notes will help your child to learn vocabulary

Try to keep mental notes of what vocabulary your child has learned and find opportunities when you’re out of your home with your child to review various sets of words.  For example, while shopping at a supermarket or fruit stand, you have an excellent opportunity to encourage your child to name fruits and other foods. When traveling from place to place, you can have your child practice the vocabulary for various vehicles you may see along the way.

Engaging games to practice vocabulary

And, of course, don’t forget about your Fun English Jr. app.  Each unit on the app offers a variety of engaging games and activities for children to practice vocabulary.  It is an invaluable tool to help your child master their vocabulary learning outside the classroom.