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An app-based language learning curriculum.

Student app, Teacher Dashboard, Parent Dashboard

$59 per student per year

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Student App & Dashboards features

Student App

Keep your students highly engaged with fun and varied activities in our app based English curriculum:

  • Songs
  • Dialogues
  • Games
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Quizzes

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child's hand holding a smartphone

Teacher Dashboard

A web-based management tool that provides real time insight.

  • Create classes
  • Assign homework
  • Whole class results
  • Individual student results
  • Works on PC & Phone

No more guesswork, just effective class time!

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Teacher's laptop showing the Fu English for Schools Dashboard

Parent Dashboard

A web-based tool for parents to monitor and manage their child’s learning.

  • Child learning progress
  • Time on app
  • Current words
  • Accuracy scores

Parents can enjoy a positive learning experience with their child.

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