Hobby Song

Skills: Listening Reading Speaking

Topics: Action verbs Animals

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What do you like to do?
I like to take photos.
I like to take photos, too.

Take photos of my soup.
Take photos of your nose.
Take, take, take,
photos, photos, photos.

What does she like to do?
She likes to watch movies.
I like to watch movies, too!
Movies about cats and dogs, movies that are sad and long.
Watch, watch, watch,
movies, movies, movies.

What do they like to do?
They like to sing songs.
I like to sing songs, too!
Sing, sing, sing,
songs, songs, songs.

Can we play the piano?
Oh, yes we can.
Play,play, play the piano-ano-ano.

Do you like to listen to music?
Whose music?
Cow mooo-sic! Or chickens’!

Listen, listen, listen,
listen, listen, listen, to music, music, music.