Studycat in the Classroom

Classroom Connect is coming soon!

Studycat’s language learning games will soon have a variety of great applications for the classroom.

You’ll need at least one tablet and the app installed. It’s even more fun if it’s possible to connect that tablet to a big screen display for the class to view together. In the best scenario, you have a collection of devices for the students to use. Studycat games can be used for individual or real-time simultaneous learning challenges.

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple devices to use at one time, you can go into Connect mode from the main menu of the app. You choose to be a teacher, and your tablet then can link the others’ devices together. Students use the same app and Connect function, but choose to be students. You give them the code for your session and once they’ve entered it, you will be able to control the gameplay until you release them, or they restart the app. When everyone is on the board and ready to go, you select a game for the class to play. Then the race is on, the students all working away on their own. You can score it as a cooperation game, so the individual scores will be added together to meet a group goal. Either that or choose to be a competition, so you can let the students test their skills in head to head challenges.

If you have one device that can connect to a big screen, like Apple TV for example, then you can allow students to take turns at a game, with the class spectating and offering input. If you only have one device and no big screen display, the apps can be used to reward individuals or small groups with an enriching supplementary activity.

We have found the apps to be very effective motivators in the classroom. Kids seem to love engaging with new technology, especially when it’s designed for them. The students seem to perform really well at language learning in a whimsical environment with very little pressure and constant chances for success. That’s what we are striving to create.