A blended learning English language solution to connect schools and homes

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Studycat for Schools Studycat for Schools

Join teachers worldwide using our award-winning English language program.

Your virtual classroom for young children aged 3 to 8, with real-time learner insights.

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Effective learning in classrooms, homes, and online.

The Studycat Classroom runs on your IWB or SmartTV. The student app runs on phones and tablets. The teacher and parent dashboards show results online.

Teacher's laptop showing the Studycat for Schools Dashboard Teacher's laptop showing the Studycat for Schools Dashboard

Connecting homes and classrooms with Studycat for Schools enables better teaching decisions and improved learner outcomes.

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Fun and effective
Cambridge aligned content

We use games, songs, dialogues, phonics, spelling, quizzes and more to deliver scaffolded language education.

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Easy to use

  • Digital classroom: Teacher-created, classroom tested content
  • Teacher dashboard: Create classes, assign homework, learner and whole class insights from a PC, tablet or phone
  • Parent dashboard: Engage parents with easy progress snapshots
  • Student app: Songs, dialogues, phonics, spelling and quizzes
Studycat for Schools is easy to use

Studycat for Schools – Technical Requirements

Studycat for Schools is a learning system that connects schools, teachers, students and parents.

The system consists of two parts:

The Studycat for Schools App

The app contains the learning activities which can be used in the classroom or in the home. Students will receive their homework on this app.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android tablet or smartphone, running Android 4.4 or above.
  • Apple iPad 2 or better, iPhone 5 or better.
  • Windows 7 or above. Best experienced with a touch screen instead of a mouse.

The Studycat for Schools Dashboard

The dashboard allows schools and teachers to manage and track their classes, and it allows parents to track their children’s learning progress.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android tablet or smartphone running Android 4.4 or above. Android or Chrome browser.
  • Apple iPad 2 or better, iPhone 5 or better. Safari or Chrome browser.
  • Windows, Mac or Linux desktop PC, running Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge browser.


The app and the dashboard communicate over the internet, enabling real-time updating of homework assignments and student activity. The volume of data is quite small – there’s no video or audio streaming.

The learning activities in the app can be accessed offline, but a connection is required to login and logout, and to transmit homework assignments and student progress.

Behind a firewall?

In order to use Studycat for Schools, you’ll need to ask your IT administrator to whitelist the following domains:

  • https://schools.studycat.com for the Dashboard app
  • https://api.funenglishjr.com for the data API
  • wss://hub.study.cat:8084/mqtt for real-time messaging
  • https://*.us-west-2.amazonaws.com for our AWS services