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Thank you for attending our Summit on 27 August 2020.

This page is designed to help you access information, ideas and resources to help future-proof education for young learners. Content will be continually added & updated, so please keep an eye on this page!

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Summit Content

We’ll be uploading videos of all the presentations in the first week of September. Click on the thumbnail to play the video.

Studycat Summit - IntroStudycat Summit Opening & Introduction – 8 mins
Host: Jake Whiddon
Studycat Summit - John CollickJohn Collick Presentation
– 15 mins
Studtcat Summit - Adam BlackDrowning in Data or Swimming in Insights?
Adam Black
– 15 mins
Studycat Summit - Carl WantenaarCovid 19: Reality and Flexibility in the New Blended Learning Model
Carl Wantenaar
– 15 mins
Studycat Summit - Dr. Katarina GospicHow will XR revolutionize education?
Dr. Katarina Gospic
– 12 mins
Studycat Summit - Studycat for Schools OverviewStudycat for Schools Taster Video
1.5 min overview

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