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Fun Chinese

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Fun Chinese is a gamified language learning app to teach Mandarin Chinese.

Start your child’s Chinese language learning journey today for FREE!

For kids 3-8.

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Learn Chinese Through Play

Our themed lessons teach kids beginner Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.

Kids are engaged, entertained and immersed in Mandarin Chinese as they play and learn – Opening a world of opportunities!

  • Read and speak 150 Chinese words and phrases
  • Practice listening and pronunciation skills
  • Learn grammar and character recognition
  • Recognise and comprehend different tones.
Fun Chinese
Fun Chinese
Fun Chinese

App Features

Our themed courses are full of fun-packed games that will teach your kids core Chinese vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

Chinese Learning Games

Game-based language learning for kids!

Educational Expertise

Created by language learning experts!

Secure Environment

No ads or internet connection required!

Awards and reviews of Fun Chinese

What parents and teachers say about Fun Chinese

My kids were running around saying all of the colours in Mandarin with in half an hour of getting the app.
I'm a lower school Chinese teacher, and my kids love these games! This is the best app I've seen for kids' Chinese practice.
This is probably one of the best apps to learn a language. It has all the ingredients....gameplay, interaction and learning is phonetic and colourful.

Frequently asked questions

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Who the curriculum is designed for.

It's a great introduction to language learning for kids of ages 3-8. Many older kids and adults enjoy it too!

What your child will learn.

Build your child’s language foundation in 15 minutes a day.

In the first month, your child will learn the basics - colors, animals, and the body.

After a few months, your child will know clothes, vehicles, foods and other common things.

In a year, your child will master hundreds of words and phrases.

Teaching methodology explained.

Our apps turn language learning into a game.

Fun Chinese presents each subject in a variety of humorous games. Each game trains a skill, like listening comprehension, speaking, or spelling.

Kids play, become immersed, learn at their own pace and gain confidence.

Learning structure explained.

"Structured Learning" orders lessons to maximize your learning benefits.

You can unlock the ordering of the activities by following the instructions below.

• Select ‘Parents’ from the menu.

• Select 'Course' to switch between 'Structured Learning' and 'Free Play'.

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