#11 – Skills/ Competencies/ Soft Skills

by Maria Teresa Velasco

  • 4 Dec 2019 8:00pm

Our students must develop competencies to lead them through life. Technology has carved new terms of “skills and soft skills” that are used to foster lifelong learning.

Note: This webinar will be in Spanish

Webinar details

Skills/ Competencies/ Soft Skills

In this webinar, participants will be able to share their own experience in applying soft skills and developing skills that meet their goals.


Maria Teresa Velasco

Maria Teresa Velasco is Head of Education at Studycat, Ltd. In the last 22 years, she managed a key educational initiative for an important Television Network. She is an experienced Educator (K-12,) a College Multi Language Instructor and an expert in CSR. She developed a unique methodology to integrate technology and video content in the classroom. She specialized in Applied Linguistics.