#26 Understanding Language Learning in an Online World

by Jake Whiddon

  • 8 May 2020 4:00pm

How does online learning impact language learning? 

How varied is your input?

Do your students have enough feedback?


Note: this webinar was originally scheduled for 24th April 2020

Webinar details

Are your students exposed to English outside of class time?
For children to truly acquire a language they need constant exposure to the language. Find out what we can do as teachers and help parents increase exposure to English.

How varied is your input?
Children need to hear, see, and experience new language in various formats repetitively. Find out how we can help combat the forgetting curve by offering varied and challenging input of target language.

Do your students have enough feedback?
Continuous and meaningful feedback is the key to our students’ understanding of their own learning. Children need relevant and timely feedback on all aspects of their language learning experiences, but how can you help this happen?

In this webinar, we will discuss the impact of online learning on language learning.



Jake Whiddon

Jake Whiddon has been working in the China & Asia language teacher market since 2004. He has worked managing academic operations and as Regional Trainer; for Education First and Macmillan Education; and is currently Studycat’s Head of Teacher Training and User Experience. Jake has trained teachers in Greater China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. He holds a DipTESOL from Trinity College London; International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) from University of Queensland and is currently completing his MA Dissertation on the benefits of Game Based Language Learning Apps for Young Learners in China.