EdTechX 2020 Presentation – Creating and Connecting a Community

by Jake Whiddon

  • 13 May 2020 9:00am

This presentation discusses the impact of global school closures on teachers, parents, schools, and importantly, students.  The session was filmed for the EdTechX Europe 2020 online summit.

Download the presentation for this webinar [pdf, 3.1MB] »

Webinar details

In his session, Jake will outline how Studycat’s donation campaign helped to establish a global language learning community by connecting students, teachers, schools and families from across the world during the coronavirus outbreak. The community now spans over 70 countries and encompasses thousands of learners, all supported by additional content to accelerate learning and provide peer to peer support. The session will look at the process of building and connecting a global learning community and examine learner data from thousands of students to gain insight into learning in lockdown and beyond.



Jake Whiddon

Jake Whiddon has been working in the China & Asia language teacher market since 2004. He has worked managing academic operations and as Regional Trainer; for Education First and Macmillan Education; and is currently Studycat’s Head of Teacher Training and User Experience. Jake has trained teachers in Greater China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. He holds a DipTESOL from Trinity College London; International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) from University of Queensland and is currently completing his MA Dissertation on the benefits of Game Based Language Learning Apps for Young Learners in China.