#16 – The Power of Pronunciation

by Jake Whiddon

  • 11 Feb 2020 4:00pm

Focusing on pronunciation in your young learner classes can have a powerful impact. Grammar and vocabulary are usually prominent in classes, so why do we sometimes leave out a pronunciation focus?

This webinar was an interactive session with teachers in 20 countries!

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Why is pronunciation the missing link? 

Pronunciation teaching is often left out of young learner classes. Accurate grammar and a large vocabulary can be wasted if your students can’t be understood. We will look at practical techniques to help you integrate pronunciation into all aspects of your classes.

What are the magic powers of pronunciation? 

Focusing on the stress and rhythm of English in your classes can have a positive impact on all of your students. This session will outline aspects of connected speech, syllable vs stress-timed languages, and how vocabulary-based-teaching may be harming your student’s fluency.

This was a fun session with practical tips to use in your very next lesson!


Presented by Jake Whiddon 

Jake has been working in the Asia language teacher market since 2004. He has trained teachers in China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Jake has worked closely with offline and online school operations across Asia focusing on teacher organizational behavior, engaging students, and supporting parents at home. Jake is currently Studycat’s Head of Academic Experience & Training.

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Jake Whiddon

Jake Whiddon has been working in the China & Asia language teacher market since 2004. He has worked managing academic operations and as Regional Trainer; for Education First and Macmillan Education; and is currently Studycat’s Head of Teacher Training and User Experience. Jake has trained teachers in Greater China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. He holds a DipTESOL from Trinity College London; International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) from University of Queensland and is currently completing his MA Dissertation on the benefits of Game Based Language Learning Apps for Young Learners in China.