Top Strategies for Teaching English Online

by Jake Whiddon

  • 24 Jul 2020 10:00am

What are the DO’s and DON’Ts of online teaching?

How can you increase meaningful communication in online classes?

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Have you started teaching online?

With current global school closures, many teachers are teaching online. This may be the first time you have ever taught online. It may be the first time your students have learned online. Can students and teachers benefit from online classes after schools reopen?

What are the most important factors to know about teaching online?

This session will outline the key strategies need when teaching online.

We will look at:

  • the various platforms available
  • benefits and disadvantages of online language teaching
  • one to one vs group classes
  • tips for planning

…..and where to find content! 

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Jake Whiddon

Jake Whiddon has been working in the China & Asia language teacher market since 2004. He has worked managing academic operations and as Regional Trainer; for Education First and Macmillan Education; and is currently Studycat’s Head of Teacher Training and User Experience. Jake has trained teachers in Greater China, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. He holds a DipTESOL from Trinity College London; International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) from University of Queensland and is currently completing his MA Dissertation on the benefits of Game Based Language Learning Apps for Young Learners in China.