What’s New in Fun Spanish and Fun French?

What’s new? Some features we’ve added, that’s what!

You may have noticed a few big updates in our Fun Series of language apps. Fun English was the first. Now its siblings, Fun Spanish and Fun French, are up to date with Fun Chinese and Fun German just behind. 

The new features and improvements to check out are a new menu design, the ability to choose a structured course or open all activities for free play, dark or light mode and a completely landscape playing experience.


New Menu

All of the lesson activities and themed units are easily viewable. 

Structured Learning

The activities in each themed unit, be it colours, food or clothing, are ordered to maximize learning outcomes. 

The first activities introduce new vocabulary passively, in a game where the object is not to comprehend the words, but the words are repeated constantly throughout the game. 

The next activities in the unit test comprehension. In order to score well, choosing the requested answer is important. 

Then, there are games that use new vocabulary in context by teaching sentences through songs and critical thinking challenges. 

After that, there are speaking games that require recording and self-analysis. 

Finally, there are reading and spelling games that display the target vocabulary in yet another context. 

In the Structured Learning setting, players are required to finish each activity in order to open the next one in the unit. However, they are not required to finish each themed unit of activities before they start another. Players may work through the themed units simultaneously.

Free Play

In the Parents area, there is a toggle switch between Structured Learning and Free Play. In Free Play mode, all of the activities are open.

Reset the Course

In the Parents area, there is a choice to reset all activities, which will set the Structured Learning course back to the beginning activity of each themed lesson.

Dark Mode

Studycat’s Fun Series of apps all support dark mode, limiting the amount of light emitted by the app.


All of the activities are in landscape mode, like the menu. Players will not be required to adjust hand positions to play any activities. 

We hope you appreciate these updates. Contact us with feedback and we will listen. In the meantime, the Studycat team will continue to regularly add new content and functionality to our apps. 


Have fun!

Jason from Studycat