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How Studycat works

Hundreds of interactive games help captivate children, turning language learning into an exciting adventure, day after day! Developed by language and teaching experts, Studycat combines educational research with playful engagement, deepening language understanding with each tap, swipe, and giggle!

Studycat Explore a world of words in five languages Image

Explore a world of words in five languages

Choose from English, Spanish, French, German, or Chinese, and let our engaging apps whisk your child away on a unique adventure! Watch as your child delves into the wonders of a new culture and language where each game isn’t just a lesson—it's a step into a world of knowledge!

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Try Studycat for free and see the difference engaging, interactive language learning can make.

No payment is required today, and you can cancel anytime within the free trial period.

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Where science and fun collide!

Discover the magic behind Studycat's success—our innovative approach combines the latest educational research with engaging, interactive technology, making language learning an exciting adventure for kids. Our games aren't just entertaining—they're brain-boosting puzzles designed to make language learning stick!


A world of interactive learning...and cats!

Step into Studycat's vibrant world, where every click and swipe unveils a treasure trove of educational riches.

Expansive learning content

Expansive learning content

With hundreds of games and activities in each of five languages, our platform ensures a rich, varied learning experience. From farm animals to clothing, each theme is designed to captivate and educate, keeping the adventure fresh and engaging.

Engagement beyond the screen

Engagement beyond the screen

With a blend of digital and physical activities, learning extends into the real world, bridging the gap between online education and tangible practice.

Award-winning excellence

Award-winning excellence

Recognized for innovation and effectiveness in education, Studycat has garnered accolades from prestigious educational bodies, underlining our commitment to quality and impact.

Full language immersion

Full language immersion

Learn a that language! All our activities are designed so that your child engages only with the language they're learning. This might be confusing at first, but trust us, it's the best way to learn.

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Learn like a kid!

Step into a universe where learning and fun are one and the same. Our expertly crafted content, from whimsical games to enchanting stories, ignites curiosity and fosters a love of learning that stretches far beyond the classroom. When learning is a game, everybody wins.

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Safe and sound learning spaces

Safe for kids and ad-free. In our kidSAFE listed ad-free environment, your child's safety and privacy are paramount. Enjoy peace of mind while they explore a world of language learning designed just for them! All content is appropriate for ages 3 and up.

Studycat Fun App Series (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish) is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Why do parents and kids love Studycat?

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The kids are having fun. The games are intuitive and easy to understand, and even my 4-year-old child enjoys playing them.


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I teach English as a Foreign Language and I love this app because it uses both British and American accents. It's great!


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I love it and my son learns super fast. The app is very good and learning English has become my 3-year-old son's favorite hobby.


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Paws and applause in language learning excellence

From fun trophies to shiny medals, our award shelf is getting crowded—all thanks to our little language learners and their big achievements!