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Dive into a magical English adventure

Join millions of families worldwide in the magical world of Studycat, where English for kids becomes a thrilling quest filled with interactive games, captivating stories, and paw-tapping songs. Together with Studycat and friends, every activity is a step closer to fluency, making learning English as exciting as playtime itself.

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Why Studycat makes learning English for kids unforgettable

Choosing Studycat’s English learning app for kids means giving your child the key to unlock a world of opportunities. Our unique blend of fun, expert-designed curriculum and interactive play ensures your child engages deeply with the language, building a strong foundation in English while having a blast.

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Learning English is a purr-fect adventure

Our play-based methodology is the heart of the Studycat English learning app for kids, designed to captivate and educate simultaneously. From puzzles that challenge the mind to songs that warm the heart, every activity is an opportunity for your child to learn English in the most engaging way possible.

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What makes our kid’s English learning app so pawsome?

What will my child learn?

Dive into the educational treasures your child will discover with the Studycat English app. Each aspect of our curriculum is meticulously designed to ensure a holistic, enjoyable learning experience.

Hundreds of new words

Hundreds of new words

From the absolute basics to more advanced beginner terms, your child will build a robust vocabulary, setting the stage for confident communication in the future.

Holistic language skills

Holistic language skills

We emphasize reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, providing a well-rounded approach to language mastery.

The power of feedback

The power of feedback

Immediate feedback within our games and activities highlights the importance of learning from mistakes, fostering a resilient, growth mindset.

Journey towards fluency

Journey towards fluency

Every interactive lesson is a step forward in your child's path to fluency, making them not just learners of English but future masters of the language.

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Studycat Studycat is aligned with excellence Image

Studycat is aligned with excellence

Our curriculum not only aligns with international standards, but is crafted to build a comprehensive language skill set, preparing your child for a future where English opens infinite doors of opportunity for the rest of their lives.

Studycat Safe learning is our promise Image

Safe learning is our promise

In Studycat’s English learning app, your child's safety comes first. Enjoy peace of mind with our kidSAFE listed, ad-free learning environment, ensuring they're safe as they explore.

Studycat Fun App Series (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish) is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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The kids are having fun. The games are intuitive and easy to understand, and even my 4-year-old child enjoys playing them.


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I teach English as a Foreign Language and I love this app because it uses both British and American accents. It's great!


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I love it and my son learns super fast. The app is very good and learning English has become my 3-year-old son's favorite hobby.


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