Our values

We believe that language learning is a force for good in the world.

We believe that equal access to education is a basic human right.

We believe that fun, active learning gets the best results.

We believe that language learning should start young.

Our vision

Our vision is to help children discover the joy of learning languages, to open up opportunities for all young learners and to help unite parents, teachers and children in the learning journey.

Our mission

Studycat was founded by teachers and parents with a simple purpose: help children across the world discover the joy of languages. Our digital curriculum and game-play brings children into a state of learning flow, resulting in happy, independent and confident learners.

“My son had French class twice a week for the past year. He was not engaged and couldn’t remember simple vocabulary. He loves the games and remembers with Studycat!”

Sandra, UK, mother

The Studycat story

Studycat was founded in 2000 by a language teacher, an artist and a game designer. What started in a bedroom with a pen, a sketchpad, a scanner and a computer is now a global edtech leader, with 14 million app store downloads, 72k subscribers, 39 million YouTube views and customers in homes and schools across 200 countries.

If you want to know a little more about us, here’s how we started…

We set Studycat up with a single purpose;
to help make language learning fun for kids.

As teachers, we realised straight away that when kids have fun, they learn more; fun literally keeps the learning flowing.

Happy StudentsWe saw how well this worked in the classroom straight away and, when you add challenge to keep their brains switched on, their natural focus and curiosity is engaged. Round this off with feedback to let them know when they’re on the right track, or when they need to have another go, and the information really sticks.

It worked so well with the kids we taught that we wanted to help more young learners. So we created our digital curriculum, for families to access from anywhere. It was a hit with kids and their parents, and with teachers too and, in 2011, we took our curriculum, re-imagined it and created our first app.

We built it on the Science of Learning, with what we knew were all the right ingredients:

  • Interactive games, because watching videos alone just doesn’t make learning stick
  • Songs with original music, because variety is important and it’s good to keep kids moving
  • Stories with characters kids can relate to, because learning should be social and relatable
  • Studycat ScientistOver 500 words, grammar and phonics, because these help boost your kid’s natural literacy while they build their language skills
  • A virtual teacher and learning-buddy – the Studycat – to give instant feedback, because learning should be celebrated!

We made sure our content was aligned to Cambridge Young Learners Starters program, so that what kids learned could help them at school and beyond (and we included a bit more great content on top of that because we like to go the extra mile, for our kids and yours).

And now?

Over 14 million downloads later, we’re still creating, online and offline. We’ve grown a lot in the past 21 years; together, our brilliant, international team of Studycats have over a century of teaching experience, of game designing and animation and even musical experience and we’re all still dedicated, lifelong learners.

So, as neuroscience finds out more about how we learn, we apply it to our games, and as technology advances, we use it to make our apps even smarter. We get to know our customers and we bring people Study Kittenstogether to talk about the things that matter to us all. With our parent-hats on, we like to look at what the future might hold, and what skills kids will need and, with our teacher-hats on, we like to see how we can weave that into learning. We’re still kind of nerdy, but it works for us.

Because we keep on creating, we can’t fit it all into the apps so we built the Studycat Club; a central hub for learning resources for parents, kids, teachers and schools. Everything from ‘how to’ videos, language lessons, webinars and forums to songs, animations, worksheets and flashcards, so that learning really can take place anywhere. The Club is the clever little sister of our apps and our school product, there to help parents and teachers balance screen-time, find inspiration and nurture the next generation of little language learners.

Over 20 years later that’s still what it’s all about for us; helping kids love learning languages.

“To say that it’s an app is sort of an understatement. It’s more like a holistic learning platform that you can download as an app.”

Sampo, Finland, father