About Us

Studycat, that’s us! We’re on a mission to make language learning fun.

In a nutshell

We created Studycat for parents who want their children to speak another language, but don’t know where to start.

Our language learning apps ‘just work’. They’re fun, intuitive, and kids love them. They use the most up-to-date neuroscientific principles to ensure effective learning.

That means when children play, they learn. No boredom, no wasted time, just effective language acquisition.

Our mission

We’re parents and educators determined to help children worldwide discover the joy of language learning. We want to unite children, parents and teachers in their learning journey.

Our achievements

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished so far – but we’re just getting started!

15+ million kids
6 language
1200+ words &
500+ games &

Although we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, we’re delighted to have won awards. We’re determined to continue to delight children, parents and teachers!

Our journey so far

Our story begins with three lifelong friends and teachers…


Studycat was founded around a kitchen table by a teacher, an artist and a game designer.


Launched virtual world of language learning games, parent reporting and offline learning materials.


Launched our flagship product ‘Fun English’ in the Apple App Store.


Launched ‘Fun Spanish’ and ‘Fun French’ to critical acclaim.


Launched ‘Fun Chinese’ and ‘Fun German’.


Fun Chinese pre-installed on iPhone 7 devices in select Asian markets.


Crossed 10 million downloads.


Soft-launched Studycat for Schools to great critical acclaim.


Awarded the prestigious GSV award for innovation for our Studycat for Schools product.


Our ‘Fun Series’ awarded the GSV award for innovation in Edtech.

Your purr-fect learning team!

Studycat is our leading feline, but she’s not alone. Meet our cat-shaped education team! With distinct personalities, they connect with kids and guide them on their language adventures (with all sorts of mischief along the way!)