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Fun Chinese

Learn Chinese through play

Help your child to start learning Mandarin Chinese with our award-winning games.

  • Your child will learn 150 Mandarin Chinese words and phrases
  • Includes 11 themed courses and 65 Lessons
  • Skills Taught include: Pronunciation, listening & comprehension, reading & grammar, critical thinking & creativity
Learn Chinese

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Studycat for Schools is the ultimate blended solution for the classroom and homes, connected by our state-of-the-art mobile dashboard.

Easy to use

  • Digital classroom: Teacher-created, classroom tested content
  • Teacher dashboard: Create classes, assign homework, learner and whole class insights from a PC, tablet or phone
  • Parent dashboard: Engage parents with easy progress snapshots
  • Student app: Songs, dialogues, phonics, spelling and quizzes

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The Studycat Story

We are parents, we are teachers

With over 100 years of compiled teaching experience, we established Studycat with a single purpose; to revolutionise the way kids learn a foreign language, by making it fun and engaging!

We have been creating original language learning games and innovating in education technology for over 20 years. We are proud to create, write, and design everything in-house from our lovable animated characters, the development of our family of apps to every song and each piece of music.

Our curriculum along with our innovative educational technology not only empowers teachers and parents but inspires millions of children around the globe on their language learning journey.

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