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Sail into a magical Mandarin adventure

Join millions of families worldwide in the magical realm of Studycat, where learning Mandarin Chinese becomes an exhilarating quest filled with interactive games, captivating stories, and pouncy songs. Alongside Studycat and friends, each activity brings your child a step closer to fluency, transforming learning Mandarin into an adventure as exciting as playtime itself!

Studycat Why Studycat makes learning Mandarin unforgettable for kids Image

Why Studycat makes learning Mandarin unforgettable for kids

Opting for Studycat’s Mandarin learning app gives your child the key to unlock a universe of opportunities. Our unique blend of fun, expertly designed curriculum and interactive play ensures deep engagement with the language, laying a solid foundation in Mandarin while ensuring a blast of a time.

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Learning Mandarin is a purr-fect quest full of fun!

Our play-based methodology lies at the heart of Studycat’s Mandarin learning app, designed to both captivate and educate simultaneously. From mind-bending puzzles to heartwarming songs, each activity is a golden opportunity for your child to learn Mandarin in the most engaging way possible.

Studycat What makes our kids’ Mandarin learning app so claw-some? Image

What makes our kids’ Mandarin learning app so claw-some?

Dive into the educational riches your child will discover with the Studycat Mandarin app.

Every facet of our curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure a holistic and enjoyable learning journey.

Hundreds of new words

Hundreds of new words

From basic greetings to more advanced terms, your child will build a strong vocabulary, paving the way for confident communication.

Holistic language skills

Holistic language skills

Emphasis on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for a comprehensive approach to language mastery.

The power of feedback

The power of feedback

Instant feedback in games and activities underscores the importance of learning from mistakes, nurturing a resilient mindset.

Journey towards fluency

Journey towards fluency

Each interactive lesson is a step forward on your child's path to fluency, turning them into not just learners but future masters of Mandarin.

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Studycat Studycat stands with excellence Image

Studycat stands with excellence

Our curriculum doesn’t just align with international standards; it’s designed to build a comprehensive language skill set, preparing your child for a future brightened by the opportunities Mandarin opens.

Studycat Secure learning is our pledge Image

Secure learning is our pledge

In Studycat’s Mandarin app, your child’s safety is paramount. Enjoy peace of mind in our kidSAFE listed, ad-free learning environment, crafted for their safe exploration.

Studycat Fun App Series (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish) is a member of the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Voices from our happy little linguists

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Hello I'm 5 years old and I love it so much! Thank you for helping me learn Chinese in such a fun way!


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I love how they give you a free trial to try it out before you actually use it. I also like how they teach my kids with mini games and keep them engaged.


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Recommended. Very effective! My kid remembers Chinese words so quickly playing this. Very well designed to effectively teach kids Chinese.


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