A piece of cake

Discover the meaning of 'a piece of cake' with Studycat! Dive into the idiom's origins and learn fun ways to use it in everyday English.


Ever heard the saying “It’s a piece of cake” and wondered what cake has to do with anything? Well, it’s an idiom that’s as fun to use as it is to eat an actual piece of cake! Here’s a simple guide to help introduce this tasty phrase to young English learners.

What does “A piece of cake” mean?

We’re not talking about dessert today—well, not exactly! When someone says something is “a piece of cake,” they mean it’s really easy.

”A piece of cake” is a way to say that a task or job isn’t complicated at all.

So, the next time your child finishes a puzzle quickly or breezes through their chores, chime in with, “Wow, that was a piece of cake for you!”

Where does “A piece of cake” idiom come from?

It’s believed this idiom first started in the southern United States, where cakes were given as prizes to the winners of fun competitions, like dancing and baking. A poet named Ogden Nash first used ‘a piece of cake’ in a funny poem he wrote, called ‘Primrose Path’, which is likely when the phrase began becoming popular.

So why does this idiom resonate so well with children?

It’s because the phrase mixes two elements kids are already familiar with: a ‘piece’ and ‘cake.‘

When you say a task is “a piece of cake,” youngsters naturally link the ease of completing that task with the joy and simplicity of eating a cake slice.

It’s a fun and immediate way for kids to grasp more abstract ideas like ‘ease’ and ‘simplicity,’ making it a fantastic addition to their growing English skills.

How to use “A piece of cake”

Now let’s get to the juicy part—using “a piece of cake” in everyday conversation!

Here are some sample sentences your child can practice:

“Learning colors was a piece of cake for me."

"Climbing the jungle gym? Oh, it’s a piece of cake!"

"Mom, finishing my veggies was a piece of cake!"

"Tying my shoes? That’s a piece of cake now!"

"Reading that story? What a piece of cake to me!”

Other fun ways to say “It’s easy!”

If “a piece of cake” is a great go-to phrase, but if you’re looking for a sprinkle of variety, there are plenty of synonyms that carry the same meaning.

Here are a few:

  1. As easy as pie - Just like cake, pie is another dessert that makes everything seem simple!
  2. Child’s play - Apt for our young learners, this phrase also means something is extremely easy.
  3. A walk in the park - Imagine a leisurely stroll where everything goes smoothly; that’s what this phrase implies.
  4. A snap - Think of snapping your fingers; it’s that quick and easy.
  5. A cinch - A little old-fashioned, but it sends the message loud and clear: the task is straightforward!