Book, paper, scissors

"Book, Paper, Scissors" is a lively educational song for kids, exploring school supplies with catchy lyrics that teach English vocabulary, colors, and numbers in a fun, memorable way.


Book, paper, scissors song lyrics

A book, paper, scissors,
a pencil case, and glue.
I need them to take to school.

My book is black.
My scissors are blue.

My paper is white, and my glue is, too.

A book, paper, scissors,
a pencil case, and glue.

Who needs some to take to school?

I need a ruler. One is good.
I need scissors and a book.
I need pens, one or two.
I need crayons and some glue.
I need rubbers, three, four, five.
I need paper that is mine.
I need pencils for my case.
I need six, seven, or eight.

Book, paper, scissors song by Studycat

About the Book, paper, scissors song

“Book, Paper, Scissors” is a catchy tune that dives into the world of school supplies, making the preparation for school an exciting adventure. Through its rhythmic lyrics, the song lists essential items kids need for school, from books and paper to scissors and glue, introducing a variety of classroom objects along with colors and numbers.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is perfect for teaching children the names of common school supplies in English, along with some basic colors and the concept of quantity. By mentioning items like a “black book”, “blue scissors” and “white paper”, it helps children associate colors with specific objects, enhancing their vocabulary and understanding of descriptive language.

Book, paper, scissors song by Studycat

Learning activities

To deepen the learning experience with “Book, Paper, Scissors”, consider engaging in activities that bring the song’s vocabulary into the real world. Organizing a school supply scavenger hunt can be a delightful way for kids to find and identify the items mentioned in the song, reinforcing their names and colors.

Creating DIY school supplies, such as decorating a pencil case or making a simple homemade book, encourages creativity while practicing the vocabulary. You could also play a matching game where children match school supplies with their corresponding names and colors, enhancing both their memory and language skills.

Through music, creativity, and play, children will quickly become familiar with essential school supplies and the joy of getting ready for a day of learning.