Fun French

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  • Complete starter program for young children
  • 70+ French language learning activities
  • Designed by teachers for kids of ages 3-10
  • Learn French the fun way!
Fun French - Monthly Subscription$14.99 / month with a 30-day free trial
Fun French - Annual Subscription$59.96 / year with a 30-day free trial

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Fun French will engage and entertain your children while immersing them in the French language, both spoken and written. The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

Our themed lessons are full of fun-packed games that will teach your kids core French vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

  • Read, speak & spell 200 French words and phrases
  • Practice and master French pronunciation
  • Study French listening and comprehension
  • Learn French grammar and reading skills