Fun French

Fun French - Language Learning Games for Kids

  • Complete starter program for young children
  • 70+ French language learning activities
  • Designed by teachers for kids of ages 3-8
  • Learn French the fun way!
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Learn French Through Play

Fun French will engage and entertain your children while immersing them in the French language, both spoken and written. The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

Our themed courses are full of fun-packed games that will teach your kids core French vocabulary and present words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

  • Read, speak & spell 200 French words and phrases
  • Practice and master French pronunciation
  • Study French listening and comprehension
  • Learn French grammar and reading skills
French for Kids - Learn French Through Play Child Safe! Peace of Mind! Play Offline and No Ads. Play and Learn. Themed Lessons Teach Language Skills. Vocabulary - Learn 200+ Words & Phrases. Reading - Learn to Recognise Written Vocabulary. Pronunciation - Practice Listening & Speaking Skills. Spelling - Word Structure and Letter Placement. Brain Training - Games Develop Critical Thinking. Play for Free! Help Your Child Learn French Today!
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App Features

Fun French has a wide variety of games that teach listening, speaking, spelling, useful vocabulary and simple sentences.

French Learning Games

Game-based language learning for kids!

Educational Expertise

Created by language learning experts!

Secure Environment

No ads or internet connection required!

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What parents and teachers say about Fun French

This is the best app I've found to teach my kids French. It’s fun and has many different games so they don’t get bored.
Just what i needed. We were in Paris and the kids wanted to learn some more french and this was a fun and creative way to do it. Highly recommended.
Very engaging! I am twenty three and I am teaching myself French. It is interactive and visual - it really makes the words "stick"!

Frequently asked questions

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Who is the app for?

It's a great introduction to language learning for kids of ages 3-8.

Many older kids and adults enjoy it too!

What will my kids learn?

It has 12 themed courses and 70 language lessons that teach over 200 French words and phrases.

How does it teach?

Our apps turn language learning into a game.

It presents each subject in a variety of humorous games. Each game trains a skill, like listening comprehension, speaking, or spelling.

Kids play, become immersed, learn at their own pace and gain confidence.

What's included?

You get 2 free themed courses and 14 language lessons. These are yours to keep forever.

There are many more lessons available for purchase.

Can I install it on multiple devices?

Yes. Each device will need to be using the same user ID and operating system.

To do so, download the app, then go to settings and select 'Restore purchases'.

What to do if the app stops working?

If you experience any problems, please first try to close the app and then re-open it.

If that doesn't resolve the issue, please delete the app from your device and then reinstall the latest version from your app store.

You will be able to restore any purchases you have made by going to settings and selecting 'restore purchases'.

Does the device need to be connected to the internet to play?

No. You can play all games when offline.

Do I have to pay?

No. We provide 2 themed courses and 14 language lessons for free.

There are many more lessons available for purchase.

Why can't I access my purchases?

Have you tried to restore your purchases?

You can restore purchases by going to settings and selecting 'Restore purchases'.

Can I share purchases with family members?

No. It’s not currently possible to share in-app purchases with your app store's family sharing facility.

If you would like to share the app with family members, please purchase the 'School Edition' of the app.

Do you offer discounts to schools?

Yes, discounts are available for iOS devices.

The School Edition is available to purchase via the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education.

It can provide your school with a discount of 50% for purchases of 20 or more licenses.

How to contact Studycat?

You can contact us by email on

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