Leading US tech expert lists Fun Spanish in tops apps for 2020


Studycat Editorial Team


Ariel Coro, trusted Technology Expert on Spanish-language TV in the United States, recommends the Studycat app on “Despierta América” morning TV show.

Ariel Coro is a trusted Technology Expert and pioneer bringing Tech to Spanish-language TV in the United States.

On 30th December Ariel appeared on “Despierta América”, the popular Univision morning TV show, to present a latest tech feature about apps and gadgets “to make 2020 the best year ever”.


He stressed the importance of raising bilingual kids and the struggles parents face in the US for their children to speak Spanish at home when they are surrounded by English everywhere they go.

Ariel Coro recommended Fun Spanish by Studycat as an excellent language learning app to help kids with their Spanish vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation. He praised their “learning through play” approach and the fun games designed to teach over 200 words and numbers that are specially developed to engage young minds.

In a recent post on his personal website Ariel explains:

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to speak another language. Why is that? Very simple. The latest scientific research tells us that learning to speak another language at an early age is as close to a superpower as it gets.

Studycat is honoured that this leading Tech Expert for the Spanish-speaking community in the United States has selected Fun Spanish as an effective app for kick-starting his New Years Bilingual Kids Resolution.

He even gave the app the “ultimate test” by getting his 3-year-old daughter, Olivia, to play the educational games.

She learned the game mechanics right away and after just a few minutes, she was actually repeating the colors in Spanish, something that’s been pretty hard for us to accomplish even though we are a bilingual household.

Coro recognized that he vocabulary they learn in Fun Spanish is pretty extensive and his favorite features are that the voices are male and female, use different tones and expressions to give kids a better range for understanding the different pronunciations for the same words, and that importantly the games have no ads.