Studycat arrives in London for EdTechXEurope


Studycat Editorial Team


Studycat is thrilled to be arriving in London for EdTech week. We’ll be giving two keynote talks at EdTechXEurope 2019.

It’s not every day that you find yourself getting on a flight to London to present at one of the world’s biggest EdTech conferences. However, that is exactly what’s happening and we couldn’t be more excited about this with EdTechX Global is coming to London! Studycat are thrilled to be arriving in London for EdTech week. We’ll be giving two keynote talks at EdTechXEurope 2019.

What is EdTech week?

Technology in education is constantly evolving and improving. EdTechX informs on the latest happenings around the world in new education technology.

EdTechX is not only a platform to learn about emerging technologies and ideas in education; it connects the wider EdTech community. People just as passionate as we are about EdTech can meet and discuss new developments. With an estimated market of $250 billion by 2020, EdTech is now a front-runner in global education as we move into the middle of the century. Knowledge about EdTech is pooled and new ideas and working relationships are born at EdTechX conferences.

The biggest global EdTech conferences in the world

If you are an avid lover of digital technology to further education, then EdTech week in London is where you want to be. Studycat will be right there as one of the main sponsors, so we will be very happy to meet and chat to you. Each year, EdTechX puts on several education technology conferences around the world. EdTechXEurope is held every summer, EdTechXAfrica is early autumn and EdTechXAsia is late autumn. This year, EdTechXEurope comes to London and a wonderful week is ahead for EdTech.

Who is going to EdTechXEurope in London, June 2019?

EdTechXLondon is going to be bigger than ever in 2019 and the biggest names in EdTech will be at the show. Thousands of EdTech professionals will attend over the course of the week. EdTechX is a leading summit for thought-leaders, industry influencers and education companies. You’ll learn what is happening right now (and next!) within the world of technology in education.

There will be over 150 global speakers, 65+ programming sessions and 350+ EdTech startup CEO’s. Some very big teams from the EdTech investment community will be there, looking for some bright stars who are changing the education world with their ideas.

Studycat will be one of the key presenters at EdTech week

Studycat will be firmly in the mix giving two keynote talks where we’ll be showing our app, Studycat: Fun English for kids. Our apps have over 10 million downloads already. It’s changing how children learn languages and connecting learning from the classroom to the home. We honestly couldn’t be more excited to be presenting on such a big stage in front of the EdTech global community. There are massive things going on at Studycat, with our digital tools altering the way children learn.