Studycat co-founder Mark Pemberton keynotes international children’s book fair


Studycat Editorial Team


Mark Pemberton was a guest speaker at the CCBF in Shanghai discussing the growing impact of digital publishing on education.

At the 2nd China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF) Mark Pemberton joined a panel with Stephanie Simonin from Bayard Press and Cathy Hsu from Jiliguala on “Connected Publishing”.

The “Connected Publishing: Digital Opportunities for All” seminar was moderated by Neal Hoskins. The speakers addressed current issues facing traditional publishers as they move towards digital solutions from print.

Mark said,

“It was a great honor to be able to share the stage with industry leaders in this very exciting time for digital publishers. The market is now recognising the potential of digital learning! Particularly, how adaptive learning can be a huge driver of change in education.

We make language learning applications for kids. Game-based learning not only engages and entertains kids, but is crucially able to know which words the child is struggling with. The algorithm reviews and reinforces problem words through reward games. No two children learn in the same way and edtech enables personalised learner journeys”

The speakers also discussed challenges facing modern parents with the debate around screen time. A common theme amongst all of the speakers was that quality screen time can be a very positive experience for families if handled responsibly.

Another talking point was how digital sales are now driving sales of traditional children’s books. The world is starting to see how the old and new actually coexist very well together.

Founded in 1963, the Bolonga Book Fair hosted the CCBF for the second year in Shanghai, China. The event in Shanghai was attended by the world’s leading publishing houses, a host of international keynote speakers and attendees from around the world.