Let's practice animals vocabulary!

Roar into learning with activities that make practicing animal vocabulary fun and engaging for kids!


Embark on a safari of learning with Studycat’s exercises and games to practice animals vocabulary. This guide is packed with engaging activities designed to familiarize young learners with a wide range of animals. Ideal for parents and teachers aiming to combine English language learning with the fascinating world of animals.

1. Animal charades

Write down the names of animals on slips of paper and place them in a hat. Children take turns drawing a name and acting out the animal without speaking, while others guess which animal it is. This activity encourages understanding and acting on vocabulary.

2. Animal habitat match

Create a matching game with cards that depict various animals and their habitats. Children match each animal to its correct habitat, reinforcing their knowledge of animals and introducing basic concepts of ecosystems and where animals live.

3. Feed the animal

Craft feeding stations for different animals using boxes or containers, each labeled with an animal name. Provide children with “food” cutouts, and ask them to feed the correct food to each animal. This activity can incorporate discussions about what each animal eats, further expanding vocabulary and understanding of animal needs.

4. Animal puzzle race

Print out and cut pictures of animals into puzzle pieces. Divide children into teams and have them race to put their animal puzzles together. This visual and physical activity helps with recognition of animal features and teamwork.

5. Create your zoo

Provide children with a large sheet of paper to draw their zoo layout and animal stickers or stamps. As they place each animal in its zoo enclosure, encourage them to name the animals and perhaps even describe them, integrating vocabulary with creative thinking and planning.

Step into the wild world of animal vocabulary with these dynamic activities! Studycat’s guide ensures that learning about animals is not just educational, but also a roaring good time. Let’s jump like rabbits, roar like lions, and spread our wings of knowledge together!