Let's practice body parts vocabulary!

Engage kids in fun activities to learn body parts vocabulary, from Simon Says to Body Part Bingo, making English learning lively and interactive.


Dive into the fascinating world of body parts with a series of playful activities designed to help young English learners identify and name key parts of the body, from head to toes! Perfect for parents and educators looking to enrich children’s vocabulary in a hands-on, interactive way.

1. Simon says, touch your…

A classic game of “Simon Says” focused on body parts. Lead with commands like “Simon says, touch your nose,” helping kids connect vocabulary words with their own bodies. It’s an active way to reinforce learning and listening skills.

2. Body part bingo

Create bingo cards with pictures of body parts such as eyes, arms, and legs. Call out the names of body parts or show flashcards, and have children cover the corresponding image on their bingo cards. First to get a row wins, integrating fun with visual recognition and vocabulary.

3. Mr. potato head relay

Use a Mr. Potato Head toy or create a similar character with detachable body parts. Set up a relay race where kids run to a station to pick a body part and then match and attach it to the character. This encourages teamwork while learning body parts.

4. Body part puzzle

Provide puzzles that feature the human body or specific parts like the face, hands, or feet. Assembling the puzzles helps children visually understand where each part belongs and how they fit together, alongside practicing the names.

5. “I Spy” body parts

Play “I Spy” focusing on body parts, for example, “I spy with my little eye, something that you smell with.” This variation of the game nudges children to think about the functions and characteristics of different body parts, enhancing both their vocabulary and their understanding of the body’s capabilities.

Jump into these exciting activities and watch as young learners build a strong foundation in naming and understanding the parts of the body. It’s all about combining learning with laughter and movement to make education an unforgettable adventure!