Let's practice clothes vocabulary!

Dress up language learning with clothes vocabulary activities! From fashion shows to matching games, make learning English stylish and fun.


Step into the colorful world of clothes with engaging activities designed to dress young learners in new vocabulary! From hats to shoes and everything in between, these playful tasks are perfect for parents and educators seeking to weave English learning into the fabric of daily life.

1. What am I wearing?

A lively game where children describe what they’re wearing without naming the item. For example, “I’m wearing something on my feet that goes inside my shoes.” Others guess it’s socks! This game enhances descriptive skills and clothing vocabulary.

2. Clothes sorting relay

Set up a clothes relay with various clothing items scattered at one end of the play area. Kids race to pick an item and then run back to sort it into categories (e.g., headwear, footwear, outerwear). This physical activity helps reinforce clothing names and categorization.

3. Fashion show

Organize a mini fashion show where children can dress up in various outfits. As they strut down the “runway,” have them or an announcer name each piece of clothing they’re wearing. This fun showcase encourages public speaking and vocabulary practice.

4. Mix & match drawing

Give children paper and crayons to draw a person. However, they must draw one piece of clothing at a time, following the teacher’s or parent’s instructions, mixing up the order (e.g., “First draw shoes, then a hat”). This activity fosters creativity and reinforces the names and uses of clothing items.

5. Clothes vocabulary bingo

Create bingo cards with pictures of clothing items. Call out the names of the clothes, and children mark them on their cards. This classic game is a hit for practicing listening and recognition skills in a group setting.

Dive into these vibrant activities to button up learning in a way that’s as engaging as it is educational. Each task is stitched together with the aim of making vocabulary stick, ensuring that learning about clothes is never out of fashion!