Let's practice daily routine vocabulary!

Kickstart the day with activities that teach daily routine vocabulary! Fun, interactive exercises to learn English habits and tasks.


Embark on a day filled with English learning games and activities designed to enrich young learners’ vocabulary related to daily routines. From the moment they wake up to the time they go to sleep, this guide offers parents and educators engaging ways to teach words like “wake up,” “take a bath,” “go to school,” and more. It’s a fantastic opportunity to blend everyday activities with the joy of learning English.

1. Routine role-play

Set up stations around the room representing different parts of the daily routine. Kids can move from station to station, performing tasks like pretending to eat breakfast or study English, reinforcing vocabulary through action and play.

2. My day in pictures

Children draw pictures of their daily routine, labeling each part of their day in English. This activity allows for creativity while practicing writing and speaking the vocabulary associated with daily activities.

3. Daily routine bingo

Create bingo cards with illustrations representing different daily activities. As you call out each activity in English, children place markers on their bingo cards. This game enhances listening and recognition skills tied to routine vocabulary.

4. Sequence cards

Prepare cards with images of daily activities. Kids arrange the cards in order of their daily routine, practicing the sequence of words like “wake up,” “go to school,” and “go to sleep” in a logical order.

5. Bedtime story creation

Invite children to create a short story about their ideal day, using the target vocabulary. They can either write it down or dictate it to an adult, incorporating practice in storytelling and routine vocabulary.

Dive into the rhythms of the day with these dynamic activities, making vocabulary practice a natural part of life’s daily dance. It’s about turning each moment into a learning opportunity, keeping English discovery as constant as the day is long.