Let's practice fruit vocabulary!

Savor the sweet side of learning with fruit vocabulary activities! Juicy games and exercises teach kids English names for delicious fruits.


Dive into a juicy exploration of fruit vocabulary with sweet English learning activities that bring the vibrant world of fruits to life. From “apple” to “pear,” these activities are designed for young learners to savor the flavors of language learning. Whether you’re a parent or educator, these engaging tasks blend nutrition with education, making English vocabulary as refreshing as a crisp bite of an apple.

1. Fruit basket memory game

Create a memory match game using cards with pictures of fruits like “banana,” “kiwifruit,” and “mango” on one side and their names in English on the other. Children flip cards to find pairs, reinforcing their memory and vocabulary.

2. Colorful fruit art

Encourage children to draw or paint their favorite fruits, then label each fruit in English. This activity combines art with language learning, allowing kids to express their creativity while practicing fruit vocabulary.

3. Fruit tasting party

Host a fruit tasting party where children can try different fruits mentioned in the vocabulary list. As they taste each fruit, discuss its name, color, and flavor in English, turning taste into a learning experience.

4. “I Spy” with fruits

Play “I Spy” focusing on fruits, for instance, “I spy with my little eye something red you can eat.” This game helps children associate fruits with their English names and descriptions, enhancing both vocabulary and observational skills.

5. Sing along fruit songs

Incorporate songs about fruits or create simple rhymes that include the names of various fruits. Singing about “lemons” being sour or “watermelon” being sweet can make learning memorable and fun.

Embark on these sweet activities to enrich your language learning garden with the delightful variety of fruits. It’s a natural way to engage young minds, making the journey into English vocabulary as enjoyable as enjoying a favorite fruit.