Let's practice hobbies vocabulary!

Dive into hobbies vocabulary with fun activities! Creative games and exercises that spark interest in English words for favorite pastimes.


Spark enthusiasm for English with a series of engaging learning activities focused on hobbies vocabulary. This set introduces young learners to the fun-filled world of hobbies such as “take photos,” “play the piano,” and “listen to music.” Designed for parents and educators, these activities aim to blend the excitement of hobbies with the joy of learning English, turning every interest into an opportunity for language growth.

1. Hobby show and tell

Invite children to bring an item related to their favorite hobby or draw a picture of them engaging in it. They can share with the group what they love to do, using the target vocabulary, enhancing both speaking and listening skills.

2. Match the hobby

Prepare cards with hobby names in English on one side and related images on the other. Have the kids match each hobby with its correct picture, reinforcing vocabulary recognition and memory.

3. Create a hobby collage

Provide magazines, old photos, or printed images for children to cut out and assemble a collage that represents different hobbies. They label each section of their collage with the hobby’s name in English, combining art with vocabulary practice.

4. Hobby charades

A twist on the classic game of charades, focusing on acting out different hobbies. Children guess the hobby being mimicked, practicing the vocabulary in a lively, interactive setting.

5. Sing along with hobbies

Create or find songs about different hobbies, ensuring they include the target vocabulary. Sing along as a group, or have children perform solo, linking musical interests with language learning.

Dive into these activities to make learning about hobbies as enjoyable as engaging in them. It’s about harmonizing interests with educational goals, ensuring that the path to English proficiency is as delightful and diverse as the hobbies we love.