Let's practice sports vocabulary!

Score big with sports vocabulary activities! Interactive games and exercises designed to teach kids sports terms in English in a playful way.


Jump into the game with this list of activities to practice sports vocabulary, an energetic collection of English learning games and activities! Aimed at young learners eager to expand their sports-related vocabulary, this set offers a playful approach to words like football, baseball, hockey, and more.

1. Sports charades

Engage in a spirited game of charades, where children mime different sports without speaking, prompting others to guess. It’s a kinetic way to link actions with sports terminology in English.

2. Athlete trading cards

Encourage kids to create trading cards featuring their favorite athletes or imaginative sports stars. They draw on one side and write the sport’s name and a brief description on the other, blending art with English writing practice.

3. Equipment hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt for sports equipment hidden around the classroom or home. Each item found is a new vocabulary word learned, making for a dynamic search-and-find vocabulary lesson.

4. Backyard mini-Olympics

Organize simple sports competitions, like mini soccer with a soft ball or table tennis with balloons. Announce each sport in English as it’s played, reinforcing vocabulary with each goal scored.

5. Vocabulary bingo

Create bingo cards with pictures of sports and equipment. Call out the names in English, and children mark their cards. This classic game supports listening skills and visual recognition of sports terms.

Dive into these “Activities to Learn Sports Vocabulary” for a home run in English learning. It’s about teaming up, taking shots at new words, and scoring big in language acquisition!