Let's practice the colors!

Dive into a rainbow of learning with exercises and games focused on color vocabulary, perfect for making English vibrant and fun.


Embark on a colorful journey with Studycat’s vibrant activities to practice the colors vocabulary. Designed for eager young minds, this guide is sprinkled with fun and interactive ways to learn about the bright and beautiful colors of our world: red, blue, yellow, green, and orange.

1. Colorful scavenger hunt

Set up an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt. List items of specific colors for children to find, such as “Find something that is blue like the ocean.” This activity encourages observation and vocabulary practice.

2. Paint mixing magic

Provide primary color paints (red, blue, yellow) and let kids mix them to discover new colors. Guide them by asking, “What happens when you mix red and yellow?” Follow up by matching these newly created colors to objects in the room.

3. Coloring book station

Prepare coloring pages with outlined images of fruits, animals, and objects. Ask children to color them using the correct colors, such as “Can you color the apple red?” This reinforces color recognition and vocabulary.

4. Match-up game

Create flashcards with color words on one side and a corresponding color swatch on the other. Children match words to colors, enhancing their reading and recognition skills. For an added challenge, include objects that typically have that color.

5. Interactive colorful storytime

Craft a story that involves colors as key elements of the plot. Pause at moments to ask children what color comes next, for example, “The little bird found a ____ apple.” Encourage them to fill in the blanks with the correct color words.

Dive into these activities to make colors come alive through words and play. With Studycat, every lesson is an opportunity to paint vocabulary practice with joy and creativity. Time to color the world with a bit of learning!