Let's practice the numbers 1 to 20!

Count on fun with exercises and games that help kids practice numbers 1-20, turning English learning into an engaging numerical adventure.


Jump into numerical fun with Studycat’s activities to practice how to say the numbers one to twenty in English. This guide is tailored for young learners, offering a treasure trove of activities to count, recognize, and use numbers in English. Perfect for parents and educators seeking to make math and language learning an engaging adventure.

1. Number hopscotch

Create a hopscotch grid outside or on the floor with numbers 1 to 20. As children hop on each square, encourage them to shout the number out loud. This activity combines physical movement with number recognition and pronunciation practice.

2. Number match puzzle

Print out or draw puzzles that split numbers and their corresponding quantities of objects. For example, the number “5” on one puzzle piece and five apples on another. Have children match the numbers with the correct quantity, reinforcing their counting skills.

3. Fishing for numbers

Create a fun fishing game with paper fish labeled 1 to 20 and a fishing rod with a magnet. Each fish should have a paperclip attached. As children “catch” each fish, they identify the number on it, blending number recognition with a bit of fun competition.

4. Number line race

Draw a number line from 1 to 20 on the ground or a large piece of paper. Call out a number and have children race to stand on or point to the correct position on the number line. This helps with number sequencing and quick recognition.

5. Creative number writing

Provide children with tracing worksheets for numbers 1 to 20, but add a twist by using different materials like sand, rice, or finger paint. This sensory activity aids in memorizing the shape and sequence of numbers.

Dive into these playful and educational activities to unlock the magical world of numbers. With Studycat’s guide, learning numbers becomes a journey filled with discovery and excitement. Let’s count our way to fun and knowledge!