Hit the sack

Find out the cozy meaning behind "Hit the sack" and how it turns saying goodnight into a fun English lesson.


Hey there, bedtime champions! Ever heard the phrase “Hit the sack” and thought, what does going to bed have to do with sacks? Well, put on your pajamas and grab your favorite stuffed animal, because we’re about to dive into this cozy idiom!

What does “Hit the sack” mean?

Listen up, sleepyheads! When someone says they’re going to “hit the sack,” they’re actually saying they’re off to bed. No, nobody is actually hitting anything! So next time you see a family member yawning extra hard, you can ask, “Is it time to hit the sack?” and encourage them to go to bed.

Where does “Hit the sack” come from?

Ready for a quick trip back in time? “Hit the sack” is a phrase that suggests heading off to bed and has its cozy origins in history, where “sack” refers to the sackcloth that was used to make mattresses or bedding.

Back in the old days, people filled sacks with straw or other soft materials to sleep on, making “hitting the sack” quite literally about getting into bed.

This expression adds a playful twist to the nightly routine, inviting kids and adults alike to think of sleep as diving into a soft, welcoming pile of straw-filled sacks. Fortunately for our backs, these ‘sacks’ are probably made of feathers and other comfortable materials nowadays!

How to use “Hit the sack”

Here’s the fun part—practice time! Try these sentences on for size:

  • “After reading so many books, I can’t wait to hit the sack!"
  • "I’m really tired from soccer practice. I need to hit the sack."
  • "We should hit the sack early before our big trip tomorrow!”

Other cozy ways to say “Time for bed”

Want more bedtime lingo? Here you go:

  • Off to the Land of Nod - Yep, this place is all about sleep!
  • Catch some Zs - Imagine actually catching the letter Z as it floats by. Dreamy!
  • Turn in - This one’s not about homework; it means to go to sleep!

And there you have it! “Hit the sack” is more than just a quirky phrase; it’s a ticket to the dreamland express! So add it to your nightly routine and make bedtime even more special!