To be on cloud nine

Dive into the joyful idiom 'be on cloud nine' and its expressive power!

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Ever heard someone say they’re “on cloud nine” and wondered if there’s a real cloud they could visit? Well, while we can’t travel to this cloud, we can certainly feel what it’s like to be there!

Let’s float up to this delightful idiom that’s all about being extremely happy.

What does “To be on cloud nine” mean?

To “be on cloud nine” means to be extremely happy or elated about something. It’s like being so joyful, you feel as high as the clouds in the sky! Whether it’s acing a test, having a birthday party, or just enjoying a beautiful day, when you’re on cloud nine, you feel fantastic.

Where does “To be on cloud nine” come from?

The phrase might have floated into our language from a few different places. In 1896, the International Cloud Atlas categorized clouds, and the ninth type was the cumulonimbus—those big, fluffy clouds that look so soft and inviting.

Perhaps people imagined sitting on these clouds when they were extremely happy!

Additionally, in Buddhism, “Cloud Nine” represents one of the stages on the path to enlightenment, a state of great joy and peace. Though the exact origin of this idiom isn’t clear, these connections to clouds and high states of happiness and enlightenment help us understand why we use it to describe feeling really good.

How to use “To be on cloud nine”

Want to sprinkle this sunny phrase into conversations? Here are some cheerful examples your little ones can use:

  • “After winning the spelling bee, I was on cloud nine all day!"
  • "When grandma came to visit, we were all on cloud nine."
  • "Getting a new puppy put me right on cloud nine."
  • "Finishing my first big book made me feel like I was on cloud nine.”

Other ways to say “Extremely happy”

If “on cloud nine” is already a favorite but you need more ways to express your happiness, here are a few alternatives:

Over the moon — Just like being on cloud nine, being over the moon is about feeling great happiness.

Walking on air — It’s like being so happy, you’re floating!

In seventh heaven — Another idyllic place representing pure joy.

Fun ways to practice “To be on cloud nine”

Learning idioms can be as fun as feeling them! Here are some playful ways to use “on cloud nine” with your kids.

Draw a picture of what it might look like to sit on Cloud Nine. What would you see from up there?

Or, if you can remember during a joyful moment (like eating your favorite ice cream or playing at the park) say, “I’m on cloud nine right now!”

Lastly, you could try writing a short story about a character who finds ‘cloud nine’ and experiences the happiest day ever.

And that’s a wrap!

Being on cloud nine isn’t just a whimsical phrase—it’s a wonderful way to express joy and delight in our daily lives. Keep this idiom handy for those moments of pure happiness, and remember, even if we can’t sit on a real cloud, we can certainly feel like we are!