Animals up there

"Animals Up There" is a fun-filled song for kids that explores the animal kingdom, encouraging curiosity and learning about different animals and their habitats through engaging lyrics.


Animals up there song lyrics

We want to see animals today.
Look! A frog! A cat! A dog!

Be quiet so they don't run away.
Look! A bird! A mouse! A turtle!

When you see them, it's the best thing, in the trees or on the ground.
Animals are interesting.

Look for creatures all around!

Are there any animals up there? Look! A monkey! A pig! A bee!

Do you think the animals are scared? Not the lion, or the tiger, or the bear.

When you see them it's the best thing, in the trees or on the ground.

Animals are interesting.
Look for creatures all around.

A frog.
A cat.
A dog.
A bird.
A mouse.
A turtle.
A monkey.
A pig.
A bee.
A lion.
A tiger.
A bear.

Animals up there

About the Animals up there song

“Animals Up There” is a lively and adventurous song that invites kids to embark on an imaginary safari, spotting a variety of animals from frogs and cats to lions and bears.

It’s a fantastic tune for sparking curiosity about the animal kingdom and for teaching children the names of different animals, as well as where they might be found, whether in trees, on the ground, or up in the sky.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is a great way for children to learn about animals and their habitats. By mentioning animals that live in different places, it introduces the concept of habitats in a simple and engaging way. The song also encourages observational skills and the importance of being quiet and respectful when observing animals, so as not to scare them away.

It’s a fun introduction to the diversity of the animal world and the joy of discovering animals in their natural environments. Additionally, the song’s repetitive structure helps children memorize animal names and enhances their vocabulary related to nature and wildlife.

Animals up there

Activities to enhance learning:

To turn “Animals Up There” into an interactive learning experience, consider activities that encourage exploration and creativity. A backyard or park safari where children pretend to spot and identify different animals mentioned in the song can bring the lyrics to life.

Creating animal masks or puppets of the animals in the song can be a fun craft activity that also helps with recognition and learning animal names. Drawing or painting their favorite scene from the song, including as many animals as they can remember, encourages artistic expression while reinforcing their memory of the animals.