Bicycles are fun to ride

Pedal into "Bicycles Are Fun to Ride"! This song encourages outdoor play and teaches kids about different activities on a bike.


Bicycles are fun to ride song lyrics

Bicycles are fun to ride.
We also like our motorbikes.
We can take the bus tonight or drive the car.
Turn on the lights.

Here comes a bicycle.
Here comes a motorbike.
Here comes a bus.
Here comes a car.

Trucks are big.
They carry things.
Trucks are strong, but trains are long.
A boat can go away from land, but what can fly? An airplane can.

Here comes a truck.
Here comes a train.
Here comes a boat.
Here comes an airplane.

Bicycles are fun to ride

About the Bicycles are fun to ride song

“Bicycles Are Fun to Ride” is a lively song that introduces children to various modes of transportation in an entertaining and educational manner. Through its catchy lyrics, the song celebrates the joy of riding bicycles, the excitement of motorbikes, the convenience of buses and cars, and even explores trucks, trains, boats, and airplanes.

It’s a delightful tune that broadens children’s understanding of how people travel over land, sea, and air.

Bicycles are fun to ride

What your child can learn from it

This song is an excellent tool for teaching children about different forms of transportation and their specific uses. As they sing about bicycles, motorbikes, cars, and more, children learn vocabulary related to vehicles and travel.

The song’s repetition of “Here comes a…” followed by each mode of transportation reinforces recognition and memorization, making it easier for young learners to remember the names and functions of each vehicle.

The contrast between the types of transportation, such as the strength of trucks versus the length of trains, and the ability of boats to leave land versus airplanes that can fly, introduces basic concepts of comparison and purpose.

Additionally, the song encourages physical movement and imaginative play, as children can pretend to ride bikes, drive cars, or fly in airplanes, enhancing their motor skills and creative thinking.

Bringing “Bicycles Are Fun to Ride” to life

To make “Bicycles Are Fun to Ride” even more engaging, consider these activities:

  • Vehicle Parade: Organize a small parade where children can use toy vehicles or even create their own from cardboard boxes. This hands-on activity allows them to bring the song to life while practicing storytelling and role-play.
  • Transportation Art Project: Invite children to draw or craft their favorite vehicles mentioned in the song. This creative expression helps solidify their understanding of each mode of transportation and its characteristics.
  • Exploration and Discussion: Discuss with children the different places each mode of transportation can take them, such as a bicycle ride to the park or a plane trip to another country. This can lead to a broader conversation about geography, culture, and the environment.

Dive into the exciting world of “Bicycles Are Fun to Ride” and embark on a musical adventure that celebrates the wonders of getting around!