Big, bigger

Dive into "Big, Bigger" with your kids for a musical exploration of size, featuring fun sea creatures and engaging activities to learn about comparative sizes.


Big, bigger song lyrics

A fish is big.
An octopus is bigger.
An octopus is big.
A dolphin is bigger.

A dolphin is big.
A shark is bigger.
A shark is big.
A whale is bigger.

A whale is the biggest.
It’s bigger than the shark.
A whale is the biggest.
It’s bigger than the dolphin.
A whale is the biggest.
It’s bigger than the octopus.
A whale is the biggest.
It’s bigger than the fish.

Big, bigger

About the Big, bigger song

“Big, Bigger” is a charming song that introduces children to the concept of comparative sizes through a delightful underwater journey. With each verse, young listeners dive deeper into the ocean’s wonders, comparing the sizes of various sea creatures, from the modest fish to the majestic whale.

It’s a simple yet effective way to blend learning with the joy of music, making it a perfect pick for parents and kids to explore together.

What can your child learn from it?

This song is a playful introduction to comparative adjectives and the concept of size. By comparing different sea creatures, children learn not just about the animals themselves, but also how to describe and compare their sizes.

It’s an engaging way to enhance vocabulary with words like “big”, “bigger” and “biggest” and to introduce the idea that objects can be ordered based on their size. Additionally, “Big, Bigger” subtly incorporates basic marine biology, acquainting kids with various sea animals and sparking curiosity about the natural world.

Big, bigger

Learning activities

To deepen the educational value of “Big, Bigger”, several activities can be both fun and instructive. Creating a visual size chart with pictures or drawings of the song’s sea creatures can help children grasp the concept of size more concretely, encouraging them to practice using comparative and superlative forms.

Crafting sea animals from playdough or paper can make the learning experience interactive, offering a tactile way to explore differences in size and to remember each animal’s name. Engaging in discussions about the ocean and its inhabitants can broaden their knowledge and inspire a love for marine life.