Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth

Come check out the "Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth Song"! A fun way to learn about body parts and numbers with catchy lyrics for young English learners.


Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth song lyrics

He has two eyes and two ears, so he can hear and he can see.

A nose to smell, a mouth and teeth, to talk, to bite, to breathe and eat.

Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and teeth.
He has two legs and two knees, so he can walk on the street.
He can stand, jump and land because he has ten toes on his feet.
Legs, knees, toes, and feet.

He has two arms and two hands, and ten fingers to throw and grab.

He has a head and some hair.
It's too long but he does not care.

Two arms, two hands, a head, and hair.

Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth

About the Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth song

“Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth” is a catchy song that teaches children about the human body and its functions through simple, rhyming lyrics.

This educational tune cleverly outlines various body parts, such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, legs, knees, toes, arms, hands, fingers, head, and hair, and explains their primary uses in a way that’s easy for kids to understand and remember.

What your child can learn from it

This song is a fantastic tool for children to learn about anatomy and physiology in a fun and engaging way. As they sing about each body part and its function — seeing with eyes, hearing with ears, smelling with a nose, eating with a mouth, and so on — they can easily grasp basic biological concepts. The song’s repetitive structure reinforces memorization, aiding children in retaining the names of body parts and their functions.

Moreover, “Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth” encourages children to explore their own bodies, promoting self-awareness and curiosity about how their bodies work.

The mention of movement, like walking, standing, jumping, and landing, highlights the importance of physical activity and coordination. Singing about the body in such a positive and accessible way can also boost children’s confidence and appreciation for their capabilities.

Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth

Bringing “Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth” to life

To make the song “Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth” even more interactive and educational, consider these activities:

  • Body Part Tag: Play a game where you call out body parts mentioned in the song, and children have to touch them quickly. This can help with identification and understanding of each part’s location.
  • Drawing and Labeling: Have children draw a picture of a person and label the body parts as they sing the song. This activity can enhance their artistic skills while reinforcing their knowledge of anatomy.
  • Movement and Mimicry: Encourage children to mimic the actions mentioned in the song, such as walking, jumping, or eating. This kinesthetic learning approach helps them connect the functions of body parts with physical actions.

Dive into the melodious exploration of “Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth” and discover the joy of learning about the human body through music and movement!